Whitetail Deer 
Shoulder Mounts Start At $465.00
The price includes any standard closed mouth pose and ears in any position. Your choice of eyes. Eyes looking forward, back, or to either side. Nictating membrane reproduced in eye. Veins enhanced in face if requested. Artificial septum in nose with interior of nose finished. Texture on the nose completely rebuilt, and deer custom finished to match the coloration of your deer All capes are tanned either in-shop or commercially. All deer are mounted one at a time with the highest quality, highest detail form specially ordered to match your deer.
Wall Pedestal (Leathered Covered Back) Additional $65.00
Free Standing Pedestal Start At $550.00  Base Extra
Hardwood Panel and Brass Nameplate Additional $75.00 (Walnut or Oak)
Open Mouth & Specialty Poses Quoted Upon Request.
Rush Service And Guaranteed Return Available for Additional Charge. Please Inquire.
Shoulder Mounts
Mule Deer $495.00
Wild Boar $550.00 Open Mouth $650.00
Caribou $950.00 Open Mouth $1050.00
Elk $950.00 Open Mouth $1050.00
Moose Start at $1400.00
Pronghorn Antelope $525.00
Black Bear $475.00 Open Mouth $575.00
Life Size Mounts
BobCat $550.00 Open Mouth $650.00
Coyote $700.00 Open Mouth $800.00
Fox $550.00 Open Mouth $650.00
Black Bear Priced Per Request Base Extra.
Black Bear Half Size $850.and up Open Mouth Additional $125.00 Base Extra
Black Bear Rugs Priced Per Request
Ducks $325.00 Incudes Driftwood. Habitat Poses Quoted Upon Request
Quail $250.00
Pheasant $325.00
Geese $625.00
Swans $950.00
Turkeys $800.00 Includes Freeze Dried Head
Largemouth Bass $325.00 Driftwood Extra
Bluegill $250.00 With Driftwood
Other Warm Water Fish $15.00 Per Inch $200.00 Minimum
Cold Water $15.00 Per Inch $200.00 Minimum
Reproductions $15.00 Per Inch $250.00 Minimum Plus Shipping Cost Of Blank
Water Splash Scenes Quoted Upon Request
50% Deposit Required On All Work
Rush Service And Guaranteed Return Is Available For Additional Charge.
All Other Animals Call Or E-mail For Quote
Prices Are Subject To Change Without Notice.